About Resolys Bio

Resolys Bio, Inc. is a privately-held pharmaceutical company formed by Beech Tree Labs, Inc. to commercialize two pharmaceutical products, OSLO and MCC, which use the Company’s RMS technology to offset the inflammation and dysfunctional collagen formation (scars, connective tissue, and scar-like tissues) that impact normal biological homeostasis.

The Company holds the worldwide licenses for OSLO and MCC technology developed by Beech Tree Labs, including certain spinoffs from these products. The Company’s activities are focused exclusively on the development of OSLO and MCC for the treatment of certain forms of traumatic brain injury and chronic painful tissue disorders, respectively.


The OSLO program utilizes a modified biological agent, OSLO, to target chronic traumatic brain injury (cTBI). TBI can occur from a single event such as an automobile accident or from multiple concussions such as those experienced by athletes and those serving in the military. cTBI is often defined as a brain injury that has persisted for more than one year and has failed short-term remedies.

OSLO has demonstrated utility in addressing diseases associated with dysfunctional collagen deposition ranging from acne and burn scars to cardiomyopathy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and kidney disease, among others. While scar-like and collagen-like activity in the brain appear to be different from that in other parts of the body, the brain’s form of scarring also appears to respond to OSLO therapy, which represents hope for patients with cTBI, Alzheimer’s disease, and memory loss.

cTBI represents one of the biggest unmet medical needs in the U.S. health care market today with a current pool of more than 5 million patients incurring costs estimated at $40+ billion per year.1 In spite of this cost, not a single drug has been approved to date for treatment of cTBI.

MCC for Chronic Pain and Fatigue

The MCC program utilizes a mixture of repurposed pharmaceuticals with which the FDA is already familiar to create a non-opioid formulation to treat tissue related pain associated with conditions like JHS and EDS. Consistent with the Company’s RMS technology, these medicines are administered at doses which are 1/100 to 1/1000 of the level previously approved by the FDA as being safe and effective.

Physicians treating chronic pain and fatigue, such as Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (especially hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) urged the Company to focus first on this application because it is widely regarded as a condition for which there is no therapy. The Resolys combination of repurposed biological compounds, MCC, has been shown in some patients to alleviate symptoms within one month.


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